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Welcome to Defsecintel Solutions’ EUROSATORY 2024 information page. This page consists of overview of our combat proven products, new USHORAD system and a form for information request. 

EIRSHIELD Ultra Short Range Air Defence (USHORAD) system against aerial targets

Mobile all-terrain Ultra Short Range Air Defence (USHORAD) system against different aerial target, which consist various sensors and effectors. Radars will detect multirotor and fixed wing type of drones up to 8km, which can be verified by RF sensors and classified by EO/IR camera system. EIRSHIELD system can track and trace hostile aerial targets and jam radio and GNSS signals. System is equipped with soft kill interceptor drones capable of AI-assisted maneuvering or attack aerial target and can equipped with hard kill effectors


SURVEILSPIRE™  autonomous surveillance platform 

Long range surveillance – AI-assisted automated drone and camera missions. Light weight platform for automated missions without operators on the field. Platform can operate weeks for autonomous missions. Different communication variants enable constant real-time access to the mission data. 

with drone.jpeg

SurveilSPIRE in Action (1)

SurveilSPIRE in Action (2)

SurveilSPIRE in Action (3)


CAIMAN™ rapid surveillance system 

CAIMAN is surveillance system for ultra-fast reconnaissance missions in different situations. CAIMAN system can be installed on 4x4 pickup truck vehicle and can be used while driving. AI-assisted software enable operator to detect and classify land and aerial threat instantly. 

Miliary Special Missions

Coastal Monitoring 

Forest and Land Patrols

Urban Special Missions

Border Security Missions

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